Who We Are

Gentry Ltd was opened in the Spring of 1965 across the street from Wichita State University as a college prep clothing store for men. As styles changed and Gentry customers began successful careers, the store's target clientele changed along with its merchandise. In 1974 Gentry Ltd moved to north Rock Road and began selling business attire in place of college prep wear. As business grew, so did Gentry Ltd. In 1983 a second store was opened at the downtown location of Broadway and William. The two locations were maintained for almost a decade, but as styles moved away from suits and sportcoats, demand for professional dress attire subsided. As business casual became the norm in the corporate world, Gentry Ltd adjusted its merchandise to match the customer's needs. In 2005, current owner, Britt Fulmer, decided to move into the upscale Waterfront development. Moving away from the crowded Rock Road and next to the premier men's grooming store in Wichita has increased the accessibility as well as the convenience of image management for Men.

Britt Fulmer:
Owner, Manager, Buyer, Floor Sales, Wardrobe Consulting, Marketing, Advertising, Everything

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Britt started in retail clothing in the summer of 1972 at Starbuck's men's clothing in Topeka. After graduating high school he worked full time at "Mister Guy" while attending college at the University of Kansas at Lawrence. 4 years later he graduated with a degree in advertising and started work for his father, a developer in Topeka. After only a few months, he realized his heart was not in development and he moved to Wichita to pursue his wife, Brenda, but also to begin a career at Gentry Ltd as an assistant manager. He has been owner of the store for almost 30 years and has guided its success along the way.

Mark Hartman:
Sales, Social Media, Marketing


A Wichita native, Mark returned home to work for the team at Gentry Ltd after being away for 7 years. He brings with him 4 years of experience in the menswear business. When away from the store, you're likely to find him antique hunting or playing golf -- especially if you're looking in the sand traps!

Rick Anderson:
Floor Sales, Wardrobe Consulting


Having came to Gentry Ltd back in 2006, Rick has amassed a wealth of sartorial knowledge both from his 35+ years of experience in menswear as well as from his extensive world travels. Pair this with an acute taste for the finer things in life & it is no wonder why Rick has a great eye for fashion. 

Mike Caradine:
Floor Sales, Wardrobe Consulting


Mike joined the team at Gentry Ltd in the Fall of 2012 after working for the family business the last few years previous. A true seasoned veteran of the Wichita men's clothing industry, Mike is a familiar face to many that walk through our door.

Floyd Reichardt:
Receiving, Inventory Management, Aesthetics


Floyd has been with Gentry Ltd for over 11 years. After a successful career as a PE teacher, Floyd joined the Gentry team in 1998. With his personal style and extensive wardrobe, he has provided inspiration for the mannequins on the floor.

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